Alright…Rise and shine, it’s game time!  You think you have everything you need, but your not really sure as you already hit up HEB, Walmart, REI, the kayak shop and HEBagain to add a few things just in case they don’t have a store where you are going.  If you have done this rodeo even 100 times before, you an still fall into the, “oh sh*t, I forgot XXXXX” mode as we all do.  So here are a few reminders, a list of what is in the camper you are renting and maybe a good idea or two.

Deep breathes are good, a cup of caffeine and a bowl of oats will get you rocking on the right track and remember that you are about to have an epic time with your family…and for those renting campers to park on your families property, you made a great move to have your own place to retreat to just steps away from the chaos.

A reminder of what we include and what you can message us about today before your trip starts to see if it is available.  We don’t have enough of the premium items for every booking, but we have a few of each.

  1. Stocked kitchen
    1. Basic pots/pans (if you are a Williams Sonoma snob, bring your own pans).
    2. Kitchen knives and cooking utensils (Read above…if you fancy, bring your own).
    3. Cups/plates/bowls (usually a set of six(6))
    4. Silverware
    5. Toaster/Coffee maker
  2. Bathroom
    1. RV Toilet paper (We know you like the soft double ply, we you have to use this amazing RV paper)
    2. Bath/hand towels for 4-6 guest
    3. Bar soap
  3. Misc
    1. Interior fan
    2. Ceramic electric heater
    3. BBQ (on request)
    4. Outdoor Chairs (on request)
    5. Wood-fired pizza oven (Premium)
    6. Gas Griddle (Premium)
    7. 12-volt 95qt Fridge/Freezer (Premium)
  4. Camper Operation
    1. Wheel chocks(2)
    2. Fresh water hose
    3. Sewage hose (20′)
    4. Basic tools/fuses/tape/etc in underbay
    5. Manual leveler crank (Bring a 3/4″ socket and screw gun to make your life easier.

If you have an questions about the listed items, please get in touch with us at 888-252-5947.


  1. Research some places around your campground to see if there is a grocery store and other services to be prepared for any curve ball on your trip.
  2. Research your proposed route to/from your destination to make sure there is no low underpasses, maybe a route that is not as direct may be a headache trailering or driving an RV.
  3. Bring drinking water
  4. Bring extra blankets
  5. Bring comfy camp chairs as ours are good, but basic, so if you have a favorite chair, bring it.
  6. Extra cooler to bring on an outing into town to explore or to use as overflow from the RV fridge.
  7. For those running gens for Ren Fair, we will provide 5 gallons of fuel and it would ideal for you to bring another 10-15 gallons. Use should be light as you are not going to need AC.

Please show up at the proposed meeting time to go through a walkthrough and training.  Bring proof of ID, current insurance card and a copy of your CC used to pay for your booking.

Have fun, take you time, be patient as you are driving or towing on a busy roadtrip week and have a great time!

Happy Turkey Day from all of us at BCR!