Funny noise while underway.

Slow down as soon as possible and pull over.  Make sure you are more than 10ft off the road and that the entire trailer is off of the main road.  Put on your flashers and if it is dark, put out an emergency flare. 

Walk around the camper and inspect the hitch, the weight distribution hitch and the tires/axles.  Call us for further directions at the support line. 

Something doesn’t feel right while underway.

Pull over as soon as you safely can and be at least 10ft from side of road.  Inspect tow vehicle and trailer for any visible issues and call support right away to assist.

What is the tire pressure suppose to be at?

Please check your packet that you were given at pick-up and/or the visible desired pressure for each tire. Please call support for further information. 

I have a flat, what do I do?

If you have opted in for COACH NET, please call them here and if you don’t, as long as the trailer is connected to your tow vehicle, you can use your AAA or other roadside service.  If you do not have any roadside service to see if we could assist or know the best tow option.

I do not feel comfortable trailering.

Pull over, take a deep breathe and relax.  You you have to be aware, but not stressed out when trailering, so just relax.  If you need some help figiring out the challenges you are having, give us a call 24/7 to help you through it.

Trailering in the wind. 

Be aware, watch your speed make sure you know what direction the wind is coming  and try to dry with or directly into the wind, when there is side wind above 35mph, pull over to a safe area, hang out in the caper, take a nap or make a meal until the wind dies down.

How do I release the weight distribution hitch?

Google, “using weight distribution hitch with camper” and a lot of videos will pop up and no matter the style of weight distribution you will find it there ir give us a call.

  1. You have to now back-up the camper into the campsite…take it slow and ease her in there.  If something doesn’t seem right, sopt, pull forrward and re-align…if it takes 5 tries, don’t stress and don’t worry about the people around you that are now watching…they will all have their own idea of how to do it, but most of them can’t do it 100% of the time.
  2.   Back up camper into position where the power cord and water hose reach.  Make sure you account your camper position taking into account there are slides on the camper>put wheel levers on left or right side to level side to side, put wheel chocks on, release from truck hitch, level front to back and lock her up.
  3. If you have trouble getting it level, just know it will not be perfect.

What do I do when I get to the campground?

  1. Check-in the campground office
  2. The park might have someone guide you to your site, which is ideal as they will help you back into your site.  If not, Park in front of the site, get out and survey the site.
    1. Check for tree’s, bushes, poles, ditches that you need to assure you avoid.
    2. Check where the powerpole, sewage clean-out and water is located on your site.
    3. Have someone spot you as you back up so you are safe.
    4. Park the camper on the flattest spot on the site that is accessible to the services.
    5. Disconnect from your tow vehicle after leveling side to side
    6. Proceed to plug in the power cord and turn on the AC (if it is hot) and the fridge.
    7. Level the camper front to back using the front jack.
    8. Hook-up your water hose to the city water connection…make sure you do not connect to tank fill-up spout.

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