Consignment Program

We have been growing our fleet of campers now for almost two years and have been able to put together a productive fleet that we now have a great vision for as we scale our business.   We are curating an ideal fleet of consignment campers that are hand-selected by our Chief Camper, whom has a finger on the pulse of the rental market in Texas.  Our program will allow you to leverage your awesome camper to pay for itself and allow you to create an added revenue channel without having to deal with renters, sourcing bookings or dealing with maintenance…we make it easy for you to check your email for a monthly wire of rental revenue and your rental report for the month!



What are you doing with that pretty camper sitting in storage?

Monthly Reporting

We use an enterprise fleet management platform that will provide a monthly booking and rental report for you to review.

Your Covered

We use MBA Insurance to cover our owned and consignment fleet campers with a sound commercial coverage.


We have years of Rving experience and have pretty much seen it all. Monthly Inspections of campers.

Owner Access

Just send us your vacation dates and we will block them out.  We will have your camper ready to hit the road at pickup!

The Perks of Consigning!


Monthly Detailed Statements

We use a fleet management platform called wheelbase, a platform that enables us to manage our fleet as well as consignment owners with ease.  The report will include total number of nights rented, total revenue, overage fee’s and damage or maintenance reports.

Rental Rate Analysis

We are consistently tracking the rental market to assure we stay competitive and hopefully a half a step ahead.  We will mutually agree to a nightly rate, holiday rates and special events along with overage fee’s and an ideal renter profile.

Shared Rental Calendar

Transparency and communication is key to a mutually beneficially relationship, so you will have access to our online calendar.

Barton Creek Rentals Maintenance Regimen

Your camper will be inspected pre and post rental for any damages as normal protocol, but we inspect our campers every three (3) months using our 50-point inspection process.  Our team will be able to provide maintenance based on a quarterly subscription (please inquire when you sign-up).

Easy Monthly Payout

We try to make it as easy as possible for you, so we use Zelle, recognized and used by many banks, including Wells Fargo, BofA, Chase and many others.  We payout on the last day of the month with your RV Rental Report for the month.

How would you like your RV to work for you? 

We rent campers as a business and treat both our owned and consignment fleet as such, assuring that we maximize each camper’s revenue potential.  At Barton Creek Rentals we are looking to add targeted, high quality, late model campers to our fleet.  If we feel your camper fits our consignment fleet profile, you may be able to quickly and easily rent out your camper and enjoy significant rental revenue channel.

Our program can:

  • Provide thousands of dollars per year in net revenue!
  • You can access your camper anytime!
  • Your camper will be parked on our secure property
  • We handle all renter communication and coordination.
  • Detailed camper cleaning and routine services included between rentals.
  • Feature effective national, regional & local rental marketing programs.
  • No upfront costs, advertising fees or hidden expenses to sign-up.
  • You let us rent your motor home to vacationers whenever you are not using it.
  • We split the rental fee in YOUR favor: 50% (you) and 50% (us).
  • Since you earn income from renting your camper, you can become a business and enjoy the many advantages.
  • You don’t have to do anything, except allocate the income wherever you want!
  • We do the advertising, arrange the rental, collect the money, maintain your motor home in the same condition we got it, make repairs, store it, and supply you with year-end tax reports.

How much can I make?

We don’t guearentee any level of success, but do know that we drive our business with data to ensure we make the best marketing and RV selection decisions we can to ensure we hit our revenue goals.  Our team strives to take every action we can to maximize the earnings.  


Am I protected?

We run this business air tight with a commercial rental policy from MBA Insurance and inspections done every pre and post trip.  We take our campers serious and want to preserve just like our own.

More Info

We treat our consignment owners campers just like we do our own, so by monthly baths, interior cleaning after every trip and a well stocked camper for our guests to enjoy their trip in your camper!


4 + 15 =

We are super excited to be working with the team at BCR!  

Rich P

We have two of our campers with BCR and we have done well!